Hyland’s Hypericum Spray (4 fl Oz)


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Hyland’s Hypericum Spray (4 fl Oz)

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Enjoy Hyland’s Hypericum Spray – 4 fl oz every day at these amazing prices! Hyland’s Hypericum Spray Description:

  • Nerve Injuries from Blows
  • External Use for Bruises in Areas Rich in Nerves Caused by Falls and Blows

Hypericum is known for its effect on the nerves and is particularly effective for injuries to areas of the body rich in nerves – like toes and the tailbone. Sometimes, all a stubbed toe needs is some Hypericum and the pains melt away quickly. Hypericum Spray is perfect for injuries that already hurt (like toes and fingers) and the thought of rubbing something on the red, swelling injury makes it hurt more. Hypericum Spray is also perfect for tailbone injuries because who can actually reach their tailbone? All it takes is good aim with Hypericum Spray.

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Hyland's Hypericum Spray (4 fl Oz)